Reduced Services During COVID-19 Restrictions

Reduced Services During COVID-19 Restrictions


Dear Friends and Families:

Due to regional COVID-19 restrictions and the risks associated with gatherings, the Muslim Family Foundation has temporarily ceased all in-person operations. However, we are hard at work organizing options to help support our community and create new opportunities for access to services.

First, we will be distributing PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) as it becomes available, so please check back on our website regularly for updates.

Second, we are in the process of creating online offerings – especially in the areas of behavioral health, as well as other educational outreach activities that are meaningful and add value to the strength of our regional families. We will be announcing signups for those offerings starting in the month of August.   

Finally, we are still open for behavioral health referrals, as we know many in our community are dealing with anxiety, depression, stress, and great worries during this unprecedented time. To access those services, please click here.  For emergency food assistance, please visit our partner Al Rahma Food Bank by clicking here. For any other social services support, please visit our partners at the 2.1.1 Community Connect by clicking here.

Thank you so much, and we look forward to seeing you all very soon.

Be safe, be well,

Ali Al-Saadoon
Executive Director