About Us

Muslim Family Foundation (MFF) is a unique organization with a special focus on family social and mental health issues.  The Muslim Family Foundation was founded in 2012 and was officially incorporated as a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization in 2015. Its volunteer Board of Directors represents a diverse group of community professionals and leaders. There are no paid staff members; MFF is an all-volunteer organization. 

MFF has been utilizing education and resources to design prevention and early intervention programs to address social and mental health challenges and therefore make a positive and sustainable impact. 

The American Muslim family is diverse in many different ways:  ethnically, linguistically, ideologically, socially and economically.  The richness of this diversity has contributed to the making of our community.  American Muslim families face the same social issues as non-Muslim families, but they also face additional challenges of adapting to and being accepted into parts of modern American society.

In the  years to come we are strongly inspired to provide social and mental health services to the Muslim community and others, consisting of educational programs and referrals to professional providers for mental health conditions which may need counseling. This makes the Muslim Family Foundation “MFF” a unique organization with a special focus on family social, mental and behavioral health issues. 

The Board of Directors and the Advisory Council of the Muslim Family Foundation developed a strategic plan to provide the MFF with a three-year roadmap for support, service, and organizational development. The Board of Directors and the Advisory Council will review progress quarterly and will review and update the plan annually as needed.  

This effort will set a foundation for a clear path for the future and will address opportunities and challenges through tangible goals, objectives, strategies, and actions. Our website will be continuously updated with progress made to date, products, and the path toward completion. 

Annually, we have served approximately 1,100 individuals, with participation averaging about 86% Muslim, and 14% Non-Muslim. Of these, there are a large number of families represented, with individuals of all ages. We also have a significant number of veterans we serve, and also individuals with disabilities and impairments.  

Meet The Founder

Ali Al-Saadoon

Founder & Executive Director 

Dr. Ali Al-Saadoon is the Founder and CEO of the Muslim Family Foundation. Although Dr. Al-Saadoon is a Civil Engineer by profession, he found his passion in volunteering his time and helping various community service groups.  After three decades of involvement of serving on the board of several non-profit organizations and community work, and as a member of the Inland Empire Muslim community, he recognized the immediate need to establish a professional organization to deal with the social issues related to individuals and families, and the daily challenges they face. He concentrated his attention and energy to focus on the family and the increasing global, diverse and dynamic social impact. 

In 2012, he laid the foundation for the Muslim Family Foundation of the Inland Empire “MFF”, an organization dedicated to providing knowledge and resources for families, rooted in traditional values.  The goal is to see American Muslim families enjoying a better quality of life through educational seminars and referrals to services available for their specific needs. 

MFF is a full service 501 (C) (3) nonprofit social organization that primarily, but not exclusively, serves the needs of the Inland Empire Muslim Communities.   

In addition, Dr. Al-Saadoon has served in several leadership positions including President and Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Islamic Center of Riverside and Convention Chair of the Muslim American Society. 

He received his BS in Civil Engineering from the University of Alabama at Birmingham, received his master’s degree in Social Impact from Claremont Lincoln University, and his doctorial from American University For Human Sciences in Psychological and Educational Counseling.   

Ali Al-Saadoon

Executive Committee

Advisory Committee